Hermanson Pumpkin Patch

~ Harvesting fun ~
family owned since 1914



  1. What is there to do at the pumpkin patch?

    Take a wagon ride out to the patch to find your perfect pumpkin!


    Or let us help you find one we've already picked.  Pull one of our wagons around the farm and load up with produce.

    Explore our haunted straw maze...don't worry...it's not too spooky!


     And be sure to visit our many unique farm animals.



  2. What animals are there to see at the pumpkin patch?

    We have a wide array of animals from rabbits and kittens to goats and pigs.  You'll get an up-close view of a baby calf, llamas, miniature donkeys, and golfish.  You'll even see our unusual, funny looking, furry alpaca!    

    And be sure to say hi to our giant St. Bernard, Hans. 

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